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How to use Dropbox to backup your files

Dropbox provides you cloud storage and file synchronization services. When you use the service, all your important files including data, music and videos are backed up in the cloud and then synced across your devices where you have installed the Dropbox interface. Whereas most people use Dropbox to synchronize their important files, you can also use a service simply to backup important files so that even if they are lost on your computer or another device, you can always download them from the cloud.

Why backup your files with Dropbox?

Well, there is no hard-hitting reason why you should particularly use Dropbox and not any other cloud drive like Google Drive but since you are already using the service, why not use it to backup your files also, if it is possible?

Uploading files to Dropbox

There is an interesting feature in Dropbox and that is often unknown to regular users: you can upload files to Dropbox instead of sinking them. What’s the difference?

The problem with syncing is, if you delete your file at one location – whether intentionally or unintentionally – the latest information is synced across your devices, and this means that the file is deleted everywhere. This is not good if it is an important file and you should have taken a backup. Dropbox allows you to “upload” files rather than syncing them so that even if you delete them on your computer, they will still be there in the cloud. This way you can use the service to take regular backups of your files.

In order to upload the files rather than syncing them, you should first create a new folder, something like “cloud backup”. Sometimes, unless you’re totally familiar with the web-based Dropbox interface, it may be difficult to find out how to create a new folder. Here is the icon:

Create new folder icon in Dropbox

You can hover your cursor over other icons to know what purpose they solve. Once you have created a new folder, go to the folder first, and then you can click the upload file icon (the icon with the blue up arrow in the above image).

Dropbox web uploader

That is it, the files that you manually upload using the online interface remain there even if you delete the files on your computer. This way you can use Dropbox as your backup drive if you have got plenty of space over there.