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How to use GIMP like Photoshop

Many people, given a choice, would like to use GIMP as their preferred image editing tool instead of Photoshop. There are many benefits of using GIMP instead of Photoshop, and the biggest among them is that, GIMP, being open source, is free. Unlike Photoshop (no doubt, one of the greatest image editing tools), you don’t have to pay whenever you want to upgrade.

Besides, you cannot switch to non-Windows operating systems unless you stop using Windows-based applications.  For instance if you want to start using Ubuntu or Fedora and if your livelihood depends upon Photoshop, you cannot do so simply because Photoshop doesn’t work on Linux-based operating systems. Even if somehow you manage to make Photoshop work under Linux it defeats the entire purpose of working in a free source environment.

But with some plug-ins and add-ons you can easily use GIMP like Photoshop. This tutorial tells you how to achieve that.