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How to use Gmail as an expert

Knowing a long list of tips and tricks doesn’t make you an expert, but organizing better, achieving more and saving your time definitely does, and this is what some of the Gmail tips mentioned in this Gizmodo article help you achieve that.

Gmail is perhaps one of the most widely used e-mail services in the world. If you are using its web interface it gives you plenty of space (more than 10 GB, and counting), and if you have been using it for many years, the amount of e-mails you must be receiving in your Gmail inbox must be phenomenal.

Receiving a gazillion of e-mails doesn’t mean that you are extraordinarily popular (you might be, who knows). Most of the e-mail that you receive every day isn’t useful, you just get it and somehow you cannot label it as spam. You might be getting e-mails from the various lists you have subscribed to and forgotten about since, from social media and social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter (they send you updates on various things taking place on your timeline), and you might be getting scores of e-mail messages from overnight millionaires who want to share your wisdom with you for $ 35.99.

The gist of the Gmail tips listed in the Gizmodo article is:

  • Use filters to organize your mail: You don’t have to see all your mail in a linear format. You can organize e-mails originating from various sources under different labels. You can also mark e-mails coming from particular e-mail ids as important so that you never miss them amidst the cacophony you receive every day.
  • Learn some search techniques: E-mails in your Gmail inbox can be retrieved right till the first e-mail that you ever received. Just learn a few search techniques. Gmail uses the same search technology that it uses with Google.com so the search can be as advanced as it comes.