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How to use Gmail Notifier with Google apps Gmail

If you are using business email with Google apps, you’ll be surprised to know there is no Gmail notifier for it, and there don’t exist many Gmail notifier apps. Gmail notifier is a system tray application that notifies you as soon as you get a new e-mail message in your Gmail inbox.  This is a great way of replying immediately or at least read the message in time.  But the problem is you cannot use the Gmail notifier if you are using Google apps Gmail. Many people use Google apps Gmail to handle their business mail and hence it becomes crucial that you reply sometimes as soon as you get a message from your customer or client.

Of course if you have GoogleTalk running it notifies you about the new messages but the problem with GoogleTalk is that people keep disturbing you even if you have set your status as “Busy”.  There is a program called “Sohail’s Gmail Notifier for Google Apps” but you wouldn’t like to use a third-party program to access your business mail because you will need to submit your login id and password in order to use the program.

There is an easy workaround. Create another, regular Gmail account, and set your Google apps Gmail account to forward (without deleting original mail) all the messages to this Gmail account. Then login into this new Gmail account from Google notifier. Now, whenever you get a new mail in your Google apps Gmail account, this mail will be forwarded to your regular Gmail account, and you will receive an instant notification.