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How to use Gmail when offline

The greatest benefit of using a web-based e-mail service like Gmail is that you can access your e-mail from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. But what if there is no Internet connection and you need to access your e-mail in order to prepare some replies or go through the attachments? the matter is different if you are using POP3 connection to manage your e-mail but there are many people would don’t prefer to use desktop top e-mail clients.

Gmail has a feature that saves all your e-mails locally so that you can go through them even when there is no Internet connection.  You can even reply to your messages and create new outgoing messages.  These messages are saved and they are sent once you are connected again.

In order to manage your Gmail account offline. In order to activate the offline feature of Gmail, simply log in, click the Settings link at the top of your page, click the Labs tab and enable the offline feature.  Gmail users Google gears to store your Gmail data locally. once you have enabled the offline feature a new "Offline" tab appears in the Settings section.  Here you actually activate the offline feature.  The browser opens a new window or a new tab to help you install Google gears.  The local data immediately takes effect when the browser detects that there is no Internet connection.

You can use Gmail as if you actually connected.  Of course new mail doesn’t arrive when you are disconnected from the Internet but you can use the existing e-mails, prepare replies and create new messages just like you use Gmail normally.