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How to use Google Drive to host your website

Do you want to host a basic website but neither you want to use a commercial web hosting service nor you want to have advertising banners popping up here and there when people visit your website? You can host it on Google Drive. You won’t be able to do it with a cool-sounding URL, but once your webpages are uploaded, you will be able to share them with anybody you feel like, anywhere in the world.

You can host your website for free on Google Drive because if you have a Gmail account or a Google account, you already have access to your Google Drive.

When you host your website on Google Drive you can upload HTML, JavaScript, CSS and image files. For your own convenience, just make sure that you keep all the files in a single folder. Also remember one more thing, you should post a very basic website on Google Drive and in case you need to host a business website, then you should definitely go for a commercial web host.

In order to host your website on Google Drive you first need to create a new folder. After you have created the folder, you have to share it publicly.

Share Google drive folder publicly

In the proceeding pop-up screen, click “Change…” in front of “Private-Only the people listed below can access”

Changing public sharing settings of a Google drive folder

After this folder has been declared “Public” you can upload all the newly-created webpages including HTML, JavaScript, CSS and image files.

Once the files are uploaded click the main HTML file and you come across the following window:

When you click “Open” you get this screen:

In the above screen you need to click “Preview” and once you click this, your page is loaded and you can get the link from the URL bar. This link you can share with everybody.

Google drive hosted website URL