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How to use less electricity at home

Using less electricity doesn’t just make sense environmentally, it can also save you lots of money, and not just lose change. Some people claim that by making some small changes in the way they used electricity they could save up to 30% to 50%. Of course if you use less electricity at home you make a huge environmental impact, because for some people, saving money isn’t important, and if it isn’t important, they don’t bother whether they are using less or more electricity. But even if money is not an issue, you should minimize your power usage simply because by using more electricity, you are putting undue pressure on the resources that produce electricity, and consequently, you can damage to the environment.

Here are a few things you can do to use less electricity at home:

  • Use natural light whenever possible. Keep your windows, and if possible, your doors, open during day. Natural light is brighter than artificial light and it is also good for your eyes.In dusty regions it is not possible to keep windows and doors open, but you can have glass doors. You can also place glasses indoors in such a manner that they spread the natural light even in darker places. Place your work or study table by the window.
  • Use natural heat. If you have warmer days and colder nights you can capture the warmth to keep the heaters off for a longer time. Let the natural warmth enter your house while the sun shines.
  • Switch off when not in use. This is the most common advise, and tragically, the most common way of wasting electricity. Are you leaving your fans running, your bulbs burning, and your computers humming even when you’re going to be out for hours? Switch them off. It’s a misconception that it harms your PC if you switch it on and off repeatedly. Even if it does harm it, who uses the same computer or a laptop for 4-5 years anyway? Some people intentionally leave their AC on so that the house remains cold when they come back. It hardly takes 20 minutes to make the temperature pleasant and just for the impatience of those 20 minutes you let your AC run needlessly for hours. The same goes for TV and other electrical appliances. Switch them off if you are not using them.
  • Optimize the use of your electrical appliances. The manual often tells you how to optimize the performance of your appliance. For instance, there are ways you can make your AC chill more while using less power. Your AC must also have an “Energy Saver” button that makes it go into sleep mode when a certain temperature has been achieved. The same goes for your refrigerator: it uses more power if you put hot stuff in there.
  • Do things manually. Using electrical tools and appliances does make things easier and faster, but if you’re using them simply because you’re lazy, and manual alternatives are easily available, stop using them.
  • Switch to economical lighting system. Your house doesn’t have to resemble a Las Vegas casino all the time. Design your lighting system in such a manner that you get more light where you need it and the rest is saved. Use CFL bulbs and florescent tubes as they consume less electricity.
  • Watch less TV. It will keep it switched off. Develop alternative habits. Start reading books and spending more time playing and having fun with your family.

This are small things but they can surely help you use less electricity at home.