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How to use less paper in your business

At home and at office we use paper without even thinking. Whether we want to jot down a phone number, some expenses, meeting notes or want to save important documents like agreements, documentations or user forms, papers seem quintessential to our way of functioning. This puts lots of strain on the environment. Of course newspapers and magazines, and even packaging use thousands times more paper than what we use at home and office, but still, we should constantly think of ways to preserve our envoironment.

Besides, it’s better to process documents digitally as then they are easier to manage and process, and even easier to send from one part of the world to another.

Deciding to use less paper at your business needs to be a collective decision as you may have to restructure the entire process of document management, but you can make a quick start by using some online services reviewed in this blog post.

If you can afford the trouble you can save your existing documents in digital format and from then onwards whenever someone needs to go through them they can be accessed through a centralized repository.