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How to use Twitter for marketing

Twitter can be a great marketing tool provided you can build an audience that pays attention to what you post. Actually this trend is not just limited to Twitter; you can market to any sort of audience provided that audience listens to you. A great thing about Twitter is, unlike blogging, you don’t have to spend hours on preparing lengthy blog posts. It takes just 140 characters to put your message across. The key is, constant communication and engagement.

Marketing on Twitter is made possible through ongoing conversations. Indulge in conversations and pay attention to what others are talking about. Pitch in whenever you feel you can add value to the topic.

You also need to find people on Twitter who are talking about your product or service. Does somebody need features provided by the remote control you are marketing? Does someone who has purchased your remote control have some problem with it? Try to reach out to those people as a person and of possible, not as a company.

Get recognize on Twitter for promoting good information and services. Marketing doesn’t always mean relentlessly promoting your products and services; it also means creating brand awareness.

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