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How to use Twitter for the benefit of your business

Aside for being a great social networking app Twitter can also be a great business building tool provided you know how to use it. Just like any other social trend, you need to monitor what’s happening, where it’s happening, who all are involved, and how you can participate.

By merely using the default Twitter web-based interface or by using one of the Twitter clients [read about 7 Twitter applications and clients you can use from your desktop] you cannot hope to achieve much. When it comes to business you really need to know your audience and create an effective, non-intrusive strategy. You can simply increase traffic to your website with Twitter and for that you have to make people pay attention to you, but it’s a lot more than that.

You constantly need to engage in meaningful conversations and you really need to reach out to your target audience. For that you need the appropriate Twitter tools, whether for your desktop or for your mobile device. As mentioned above, you cannot achieve much using a single, or even a couple of Twitter applications to leverage its potential for your business. Social Media Examiner reviews a website that has a repository of more than 3,000 Twitter applications and tools.