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How to use Twitter in a better way for the benefit of your business

Not everybody is for business on Twitter but many people are.  You can definitely use Twitter for the benefit of your business if you know how to create and manage your brand on this social networking website.  People don’t start following you and taking you seriously as soon as you have created and activated your Twitter account; this only happens to celebrities and other famous people.  As a normal person you have to carefully expand your fan following.

Getting more followers on Twitter shouldn’t be taken as simply an ego massage, the more followers you have the easier it becomes to spread your message when the time comes.  It is like increasing your circle of influence.  So what all you should do to increase your Twitter influence for the benefit of your business?

Actively take part in conversations: taking part in conversations not only makes things interesting it also keeps you visible.  If you keep on posting random links and never participate in conversations hardly anybody remembers you or recognizes you.  On the other hand when you take part in conversations, when you directly address to other Twitter users people remember you.  You don’t need to agree on everything, just be valuable and add something of your own in the ongoing conversation.

Don’t follow people right and left: if you follow thousands of Twitter users you won’t be able to follow their conversations properly.  Follow the people who are relevant to your interest. There is a tendency to follow people so that they follow you back but it normally proves counterproductive as you lose track of who is following you and whom you are following.

Make sure that you respond when you are referred to: you instantly get a notification when somebody uses @yourname, so whenever you do that make a point to respond to the person who has used your Twitter name.  You also get a notification if somebody respond to what you have posted.  Reply to those people too.

Answers questions relevant to your interest: if there is somebody you can help with your experience and knowledge then don’t hold yourself back. Sometimes you can help somebody by simply posting a link that you may have saved somewhere.  If somebody is looking for a relevant contact information and if you have that information then provide it to that person as soon as you can.

If your customers and clients follow you ask them questions: this is a very good way of striking up conversations with your customers and clients. Ask them how you can better serve them or if they have any problem regarding your product or our service.

Search for your name or service and respond to relevant mentions: using the various Twitter search tools available to conduct research find out whether people are talking about you or the product or service that you provide.  And if they do, respond in a positive manner.  If they are seeking some information, provide that information.  If they have a problem, try to solve it.