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How to use Twitter on your PC desktop

Twitter is a great way to communicate with your friends, relatives, colleagues and prospective and present customers and clients, and it can immensely improve the way you use it if you can use it on your PC desktop rather than using a web based interface. Normally, whenever you want to post a tweet or read tweets by people you are following, you have to visit the Twitter website and use its box:



Although there are many desktop applications available that help you use Twitter from your PC desktop, in this post we are mentioning a few that are used by most people and liked by them. To use these applications you’ll need to install Adobe® AIR™ that is a platform on which these applications have been built. After you have successfully installed Adobe AIR, you can use one of these apps to use Twitter on your PC desktop:

  • TweetDeck: One of the most widely used applications, this desktop Twitter client can soon become a drain on your resources if you keep it running for a few hours. But it has a great interface – by far the best interface – and with FaceBook integrated in its latest update it can be a perfect application to check Tweets and post updates on your favorite social media apps from your desktop. It displays tweets from your followers, replies and direct messages in different vertical columns.
  • Twhirl: It lets you use multiple Twitter accounts using a single Twhirl installation. Many hardcore Twitter users prefer it over TweetDeck but it cannot beat TweetDeck’s interface.

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