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How to use Twitter through Gmail with Google gadgets

Although there are scores of Twitter applications available these days that you can use to access Twitter without having to visit the website, sometimes these applications, for instance TweetDeck, can cause strain on your PC resources. Just like many other function that you can perform from within your Gmail account, now you can manage even your Twitter account through Gmail using Google gadgets. The interface is not ideal, but at least you can constantly monitor the conversations, and once you know how to install one Twitter gadget, you’ll be able to try out many more.

First of all, you need to tell Gmail that you would like to use gadgets on Gmail. You can do this by clicking either the labs icon image at the top, or first clicking Settings and then the Labs tab. Once you are there, you have to scroll down until you come across the section that lets you enable the “Add any gadget by URL” feature.

twitter-gmail-gadget1Once you have enabled this, save the settings. Then click the Gadgets tab. There you will find an input box. Enter this URL there:


and click the Add button.

The gadget will appear in the column where you contacts, labels and the various Gmail folders appear. Scroll down in case you cannot locate it. There will be links that will help you log into your Twitter account from there. Once you have logged in, you will be able to use Twitter through Gmail.

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