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How to use Twitter to conduct searches

Do you know you can conduct searches with Twitter. In fact a recent article in a major technology blog suggested that Google may feel threatened by more and more people using Twitter to conduct searches instead of Google. Although Google’s dominion in the search world is not threatened by Twitter immediately but why some people prefer Twitter over Google for conducting searches is because most of the information that exists on Twitter is human generated.  You could say the same thing about Google too — almost all the information indexed by Google is human generated — but it is the ranking algorithms that decides what is highlighted first.

Searching on Twitter is more efficient and to the point due to its nature of restricting messages up to just 140 characters. Another fact that makes Twitter searching more appealing is that you can get different opinions on the same topic by different people.

You can use Twitter’s default search interface to conduct searches but many people don’t find it up to the mark. This Mashable blog post reviews 6 Twitter search tools that you can do to conduct searches on Twitter.