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How to use Twitter to improve your small business

Given the reach and strength of Twitter, as a small business entrepreneur you should know how to improve your business using Twitter. It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of Twitter, but in case you haven’t it is one of the fastest growing social networking websites in the world. Using Twitter, you can use text messages to people who decide to follow you. Basically it’s a microblogging platform that let’s people communicate to multiple people at the same time. Anyway, you can find millions of web pages and blog posts explaining what Twitter does, in this post I’m going to assume that you know Twitter and are eager to use to improve your business.

As you know, you can quickly disseminate short messages — maximum 140 words — to all the people who are following you. You can not only follow people, you can also follow topics being discussed by your followers, and by people you are following. There are various online tools and utilities that help you manage Twitter trends and conversations. Some of the prevalent Twitter tools are:

  • Monitter: want to know what Twitter users saying about you and the service you provide? Enter your keyword and the area you want to check out and it will tell you.
  • Twitter Gallery: Having a custom background for your Twitter page helps you in personal branding. Although given the various desktop applications that let you post messages and view messages on Twitter there is very little reason to visit the profile pages but sometimes people do visit your profile page and this gives you a good opportunity to present to them a page that gives them as much information as possible. This service provides you free Twitter backgrounds.
  • TwitThis: This little utility lets your visitors post a Twitter message about the web page or blog post they are currently on, on your website or blog.

You can read about more Twitter tools that can help you improve your small business in this blog post.