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How to use WordPress as a powerful CMS

WordPress is not just a great blogging software; you can also use it as a marvelous content management system to publish a regular website provided you know how to carry out the needed tweaks and what all WordPress plug-ins are required. But why use WordPress as a CMS when so many great CMS applications like PHPNuke and Joomla available to create content-rich websites? Recently we covered how to create a website with WordPress.

The greatest benefit of using WordPress as a CMS is that it is very easy to customize and if you are already running your blog on WordPress then it will be very easy to customize it and make the necessary changes to manage a regular website while WordPress running as a CMS in the background. Besides WordPress is multiple times lighter than other contemporary CMS applications.  The learning curve too is quite low when it comes to using WordPress as a CMS.

This blog post explains what all it takes to create a powerful CMS with the help of WordPress.