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How to watch TV online on the Internet

Tired of watching your cable TV and would like to switch to online, Internet based programming? The problem with convention cable TV is that you pay for all those channels you rarely watch, and then you are limited by the package offered by the cable TV company. Online TV on the other hand offers you unlimited choices from all over the world. Now that you can hook onto the Internet with your TV there is no reason to remain stuck with your outdated cable TV assortment.

Some online TV channels are free and some charge a minor fee. There are also geography based restrictions but with most online channels this is not a problem and with little bit of tweaking you can even access restricted online TV channels. And even nothing else, almost every major program is available on the good old YouTube. There are many streaming videos websites from where you can stream or download full movies for free. Anyway, this LifeHacker post tells you how you can ditch cable and watch TV shows and movies online.