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How To Work Less And Achieve More

Do you feel you are working all the time and going nowhere, that means, achieving nothing. Until a few weeks ago I was going through the same phase. I’d work day and day out doing one project after another and still feeling so dissatisfied and earning a lot less than what I think my potential is. This was because I was always worried about the immediate problems, and most of those problems didn’t even exist. There were many things I was doing uselessly. There were many projects that were big drag on my professional as well as personal life.

Then one day I decided that enough was enough. If I kept working like that I’ll not only get trapped in the rut forever, I’ll also never be able to achieve the standard of living I want for my family. I decided to work less, be patient with the resulting uncertainties, and then achieve more. I stopped taking new projects and started focusing on the current projects as well the personal projects I’ve always wanted to pursue, and I’m quite happy about this. You can actually achieve more by working less, and this is aptly illustrated by Leo in a blog post titled Haiku Productivity: Limit Your Work Week (Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that focuses on pithiness).