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How to write an effective email

Although millions of tutorials, articles and blog posts must have been written by now on how to write an effective email, actually very few people know how exactly to make the right impact with an email. And we are not talking here about emails written to your friends, family members and relatives, we’re talking about emails to gain more business, to spread an opinion, to gain more traffic, that is, to make an impact when it really matters.

Here are a few things you can do to write an effective email:

Use a real, recognizable name for your email

Most people these days don’t open emails from unknown senders or vague-sounding senders. Specifically mention from whom the recipient is getting the message. Don’t use exotic names such “Dude007” or “FairyGilr”. Use your name, or if you are sending from your business address then use the name of your business.

Your subject is all important

The subject may be the most important aspect of an effective email. Make it as compelling as possible. Don’t over-sensationalize the message and don’t assume that the recipient is going to understand the pun that you have used. If you are promoting low-cost MP3 players then make the subject “Buy low-cost MP3 players” rather than “An irresistible offer” or “Listen to your favorite songs” or something totally unrelated. Draw the greatest benefit that you are offering out of your email, make it into a 5-6-word sentence, and use it as your subject. The basic point is, by reading your subject, the recipient should be able to know exactly what awaits in the email.

Make it personal

Not every body likes an email starting with “Dear Friend” or “Dear future millionaire”. Write in the first person and use the name of the recipient. The moment you use “Dear John” or “Dear Cicilia” the recipient becomes more receptive.

Keep it small and to-the-point

No need to beat around the bush and bore the recipient into trashing your email. Come to the point immediately. If you are offering a free SEO e-book then mention it in the first sentence. Try your best not to make your email more than 3 paragraphs.

Deal with just one topic

This is basically an extension of keeping it small and to the point. Don’t try to cover too much in a single email. Deal with one issue in a single email and you will create a more effective email.

Specify what you want the recipient to do

Most people want to be told what they need to do and this is true for your email messages too. If you want the recipients to click a link, tell them to do so. If you want them to buy from you or subscribe to your newsletter, tell them to do so.

End with proper contact details

In the end of your email message, you should have your contact details such as your website URL, you email address, and if possible, also your contact phone and physical address.

Follow these steps and you will be definitely creating an effective email.