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How to write e-mails that get answered

Are you constantly sending e-mails and wondering why people rarely respond? If most of your work involves interacting with people throw e-mails that you must know how to write e-mails that get answered, which means, your recipients respond to them. Now the response could be negative or positive, so that too you have to consider while formulating your e-mail.

First of all keep your e-mail short and crisp and don’t be ambiguous especially in the subject line. It helps a lot if you recipient can clearly see from whom he or she is getting the e-mail; sometimes just an obscure e-mail at this appears in the From section of the e-mail.

Don’t use lots of words just to convey a single message; don’t read around the bush and come to the point straightaway, preferably in your subject line. Consider people receiving your e-mail as intelligent beings. They are simply going to hit the delete button if you go on and on without saying what you mean to say. To know more about how to write e-mails that get answered or that generate a response read this helpful blog post by Chris Brogan.

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