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How to write great articles really fast

Writing very fast

While writing content for your website or blog the greatest obstacle is the lack of time. You have great ideas, you can also write well, but you just don’t have enough time. But you can create a really powerful article or blog post in just 30-40 minutes. This much time you can definitely take out every day, or every couple of days.

Writing great articles extremely fast doesn’t require magic, it simply requires planning and scheduling. I’m not saying that you can immediately decide that today you’re going to write an article in minimum amount of time and then you’re going to succeed at it (you may, it depends on your writing speed and your comfort level with the topic), but with little bit of planning and foresight you can significantly improve on the time you need to spend writing articles and blog posts that people actually find useful. Here are a few things you can do.

Keep a ready list of titles

It’s easier to start writing when you know what you want to write about. Maintain a list of titles you would like to cover for your website or blog. Do this routinely. You can use various tools available to you to maintain this list. The best suggestion would be Google Keep that can be available in practically every device that you use. Create a dedicated list in Google Keep and then keep on adding titles to it as they come to your mind.

Get used to taking notes

If you haven’t yet used Evernote, you should start using now. It is a great tool to collect your thoughts systematically and retrieve them whenever you need to. For every new title you can create a new note and then start putting ideas as you go on doing other stuff in your everyday life. This way you don’t have to work on an article or blog post in one go. Again, a great benefit of using Evernote is it is available on practically every device so you don’t have to wait until you are at your computer in order to jot down your ideas.

Get in the habit of writing every day

Your writing muscles begin to atrophy when you don’t use them for a long time. In order to be able to write faster, you need to practice every day. This is a generic tip that you find yourself applying in almost every aspect of your life. The more you do a particular thing, the faster you can do it. Even if you think that you don’t have anything particular to write about, spend at least 10 minutes working on an article or a blog post even if you create just a single sentence during those 10 minutes. This way, whenever you actually need to write something, you won’t face any difficulty in order to get into the groove.

Keep collecting vital data

Want to sound knowledgeable in your articles without spending much time on research? For this to happen, you should already have well researched data stored somewhere. Again, you can use Evernote. You can create notebooks and within those notebooks you can create notes so that you can categorize the sort of data you’re saving. You can also associate different tags with different bits of information that you save so that you can immediately find it while working on your article.

Just keep in mind that the key to writing your articles extremely fast is having the information at hand. Most of the times writing blogs and articles requires lots of time because you don’t have the correct information with you. Plug that hole with regular data collection and 90% of your job is done.