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How to write memorable blog posts

Memorable blog posts

Writing memorable blog posts is just another form of writing highly relevant and useful blog posts. Before you can understand how to write a memorable blog post, you need to recall which blog posts you still remember even when you read them a year ago, or maybe a couple of years ago?

It’s not necessary that you remember exactly what the name of the blog post was or on which blog you read it. Even if you remember the basic context and then using that context on the search engine you can find that particular blog post, it was a memorable blog posts.

A blog post becomes memorable when it provides something really valuable just when somebody is looking for it. Suppose you are looking for a cool font that you want to use in your logo or header and you cannot find it on the Internet by simply searching for it. You don’t even remember its name and you don’t remember on which website or blog you saw it. But you remember that it was mentioned in a blog post that had listed more than 100 sources of free fonts. There is a particular phrase that you remember and you use that phrase to search the link on Google, and lo! you find the link. The resourcefulness of the blog post made it memorable.

But it is not just information that makes a blog post memorable. Here are some points to consider in order to write memorable blog posts:

Provide highly useful information

We remember things we value and we value things we really need. Always write for your core audience and try to deliver as much value as possible. This means, even if you are forced to write fewer blog posts, focus on value rather than quantity. If you publish 100 blog posts every month and most of them are irrelevant, people are not going to remember even well-written and well-meaning blog posts. Spend as much time as possible and create high-value, quality blog posts.

Take a stand to create a memorable blog post

When you take a stand, people either love you, hate you, or don’t understand you (and your target is not these people). People who love you or hate you are going to remember your blog post. They are going to refer to it in order to show what a crap thinking you have or what a genius idea you’re conveying; in both the cases you create a memorable blog post. Nobody remembers things that are neutral and don’t make a negative or positive impact.

Create a valid counter argument

Don’t flow with the current, decide to flow against it, but not just for the sake of it. Don’t be scared to write an opposing view even if you have to write against the biggest names in your niche. This is a double-edged sword and you really have to be sure of yourself. Although, if you end up making yourself one of the biggest fools, people are still going to remember you just for the sake of some laughs, this is not going to help your business. So whenever you are making a counter argument, be sure you know what you’re talking about and if it clicks, you will have a memorable blog post on your blog.

Write something that touches people

This can be funny or sad. No matter how short our attention span is on the Internet there is still some content that touches people and brings them back to the blog again and again. In order to create such a memorable blog post, you have to write from your heart and you really need to feel what you’re writing. In such cases, personal experiences matter a lot.

Got some more ideas on how to create memorable blog posts? Please share them in the comments section.