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How to import your Posterous blog to WordPress

Importing Posterous into WordPress

Twitter bought Posterous just last March (2012) and now it has decided to pull the plug. Founded in 2008 Posterous mostly catered to bloggers who weren’t exactly crazy about creating long blog posts. Wanted to share a link or a video or a few photographs? Posterous Spaces was just the right place to do that.

Nobody knows exactly why Twitter bought Posterous but at the time of the deal it was said that the service would go on just like that. After April 30, 2013 your Posterous blog posts will no longer be available. If you don’t care about what happens to your blog posts over there you don’t need to bother. But if you want to save your Posterous blog posts and then continue blogging afterwards, and if you are OK with using WordPress you can easily import all your Posterous blog posts into WordPress.

In order to achieve this first of all you will need to go to http://posterous.com/#backup (if you aren’t already logged in then first you will need to log in).

Next to your “Space Name” you will need to click “Request Backup”.

Once your backup is prepared you will receive an email with the link to your backup. It will be a zip file. This file will also contain your videos and images.

If you are using WordPress.com just login, go to Tools on the left hand sidebar and then click Import. The Posterous import plugin is already there. The simple GUI tells you how to import your Posterous blog posts into WordPress.com.

If you are using WordPress.org, then you are using a self-hosted blog. After logging in follow the same procedure, but you may first have to install a plugin that imports Posterous blog posts into WordPress.