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How to improve or boost your blog conversion rate

In order to improve or boost your blog’s conversion rate you first of all have to figure out exactly what conversion rate means for you. Does it mean people signing up for your newsletter, does it mean more and more people contacting you for work, does it mean more and more people buying your e-book or does it mean more and more people clicking on the ads published on your blog?

Improve blog conversion rate

Conversion rate means different things for different blog publishers so in order to improve your blog conversion rate you have to figure out what it means particularly in your case.

Exactly what is blog conversion rate?

Suppose you’re selling an e-book on how to perform better blog marketing. Every month you are able to attract 6000 visitors from various sources on the Internet. Your e-book costs $ 29. So if your blog’s overall conversion rate is 3% it means 180 people purchase your e-book which means your gross monthly revenue is $ 5220. You can increase your gross revenue by either getting more people to your website (let us say, 10,000 visitors per month) or by increasing your conversion rate.

Can you improve your blog conversion rate by increasing your traffic?

It depends on whom you are targeting. Referring to the example presented above, suppose you can take your traffic from 6000 to 10,000, ideally, a 3% conversion rate should give you a gross monthly revenue of $ 8700. But this doesn’t always work. What if you’re targeting goes askew and despite getting more visitors your sales don’t increase?

Improving your blog conversion rate is always better than increasing your traffic

I’m not saying that traffic is not important, but more than traffic what’s more important is your conversion rate. Let us say you stick to 6000 visitors every month and somehow you are able to improve your conversion rate from 3% to 5%. You are earning $ 8700 without having to increase your visitors to 10,000. This is much cheaper and much easier to achieve. So when it comes to choosing between increasing your traffic and improving or boosting your blog conversion rate, first start working on the latter.

Presented below are a few things you can do in order to improve your blog conversion rate

  • Generate targeted content: Successful blogging is always about generating targeted content on an ongoing basis. If you want to sell an e-book on blog marketing then create lots of content on the topic of blog marketing without diluting your content with blog publishing, blog designing, etc. (although they are very much a part of blog marketing but I’m just stating an example).
  • Be regular: Regularity is very important to keep people coming back to your blog. The more they come back to your blog again and again the better will be your conversion rate because it is easier to convert people who are familiar with you and your blog.
  • Be fanatical about quality: Even if you cannot publish regularly never compromise on quality. It’s the quality of your blogging content that establishes your credibility and encourages more and more people to purchase your e-book and consequently get you a higher conversion rate.
  • Ask people to perform a certain activity: If you want people to purchase your e-book then ask them to do so and there is no harm in that. Use call to action expressions such as “By this e-book”, “Download this e-book”, or “Get this e-book” and you’ll be surprised by an improved conversion rate.
  • Regularly interact with your visitors: It is always easier to purchase from someone who talks to you regularly and responds to your queries. The comments section of your blog is a very good conversation platform. If you’re getting scores of comments everyday it won’t be physically possible for you to reply every comment, but do reply whenever a comment warrants a reaction. This way your visitors will feel appreciated and they will respect you more even if sometimes they don’t agree with you.
  • Engage people on your social networking profiles: You can engage people via your social networking profile, such as on Facebook and Twitter. Since most of the people these days spend ample amount of time on the social networking websites it will be easier for them to interact with you over there on an ongoing basis.

So these are a few things you can do in order to improve or boost your blog conversion rate. Got some more ideas? Please share them in the comments section.