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How to improve your business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networking websites. It came into existence long before people knew the names of Facebook and Twitter. The primary reason is that it’s mainly a business networking website and you don’t use it for socializing.

With more than 70 million members and a new member joining in every second, it’s perhaps one of the best places to bump into people who would be interested in doing business with you [and you should know how to prepare your elevator pitch]. Would you like to improve your business with LinkedIn?

First of all you need an account there. After that you start establishing connections with people who are directly or indirectly connected to you. The best way to start is using your email address. If you’ve been using your email consistently for a few years there’s a great chance you’ve already interacted with people having LinkedIn account.

When you create an account LinkedIn asks if it can use your email account to check if you already know people who are on LinkedIn and would like to send them a connection request. If you go through this process you’ll immediately be connected with a few people over there and then gradually you can start building your business network.

Start connecting with your old colleagues and people they might know. Maintain an active profile: enter all possible information regarding your business, your skills and abilities, the places you’ve worked at or the clients you’ve worked with, and your other interests. Gather testimonials from people who know you or who have worked with you.

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