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How to improve your Google Page Rank

You need to improve your Google page rank if you want to improve your search engine rankings. What’s Goole page rank? Your page rank is the way of showing to the search engines how relevant the content on your page is. You can generate massive amount of content on your website or blog but what’s the use if other website publishers and bloggers don’t acknowledge it? And how do they acknowledge it? By linking to you. And the more they link to you, the higher is your page rank, and more is the SEO benefit that your website and blog gets.

Why do people link to your content and improve your Goole page rank?

Well, people don’t specifically link to your content to help you improve your Google page rankings — some of them aren’t even aware that such a ranking exists and how important it is — it’s just that, sometimes people don’t have enough time to create all the relevant content themselves, and sometimes they feel, well, what the heck, why reinvent the wheel? If someone else has already published awesome content on a particular topic why rewrite it? Why not simply link to it?

Besides, they don’t just link to your content by putting it on their websites and blogs, they may also link to it through their social networking, social media and social bookmarking profiles.

Google and other major search engines insist that your website or blog must have incoming links from trusted sources. Hence you don’t get any benefit by submitting your links to link farms (the stupid activities of aimlessly publishing each others’ links). Rather, you should aim for incoming links that are actually published in appreciation of your great content. But they just don’t start linking to your stuff from the word go. It takes time and patience, and lots of networking.

Here are a few things you can do to

Improve your Google page rank

  • Publish valuable and highly relevant content. No page rank effort can succeed without high quality content because the primary purpose of having a higher page rank signifies that you have content people like to link to. Now why would people link to your content if it’s low quality, especially when top-notch content can be easily found on other websites and blogs. So create content people would like to link to.
  • Make it easier to link to. Some people would like to link to your website or to a particular web page or blog post but don’t know how to get the link. Specifically mention some text that is linked to your actual URL.
  • Use social media and bookmarking buttons and widgets. People shouldn’t have to link to your website in order to post your links on Twitter and Facebook. There are many widgets available that allow your visitors to spread around your link from your website or blog.
  • Encourage them to subscribe to your RSS feeds and email alerts. This way they get alerted the moment you publish new content on your blog or website. It’s very important that maximum people know about your content; the more they know, the more they get familiar, and with more eagerness they link to you.
  • Create a presence on social media and social networking websites. This is because a lot is happening on these websites and Twitter and Facebook are rapidly becoming the primary source of information for many [read how to make people pay attention to you on social media]. Create a presence there and post your links whenever you publish new content or update existing content and also ask for their feedback.
  • Create compelling titles. Titles play a very crucial part in not only search engine optimizing your web pages they also encourage people to explore your web pages and blog posts and then link to them. Even when people are looking for new and fresh content on search engines and when your link appears on the search engine result pages it’s your web page title that encourages them to click your link.

Improving your Google page rank is very important if you want to improve your search engine rankings. In fact these days all major search engines use page ranking in their algorithms.