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How to improve Google search engine rankings of your older blog posts

Our prevalent tendency is to quickly move on to the new blog posts and totally forget q about the existing ones. You can get search engine traffic and even traffic from social networking and social media websites for years through your older blog posts. If you think they are not getting enough attention, or if you think they can do better in terms of getting more search engine traffic you can increase their search engine ranking. This is what you can do, according to this blog post on Dukeo:

  • Link to the existing posts from your new posts: When you link to your existing blog posts it conveys to Google that some important information can be found on these links. Link to the existing posts with appropriate anchor text so that the search engine crawlers can make out the context. This way the older posts not only get more traffic directly, it also makes it easier for the Google search engine crawlers to reach them faster.
  • Create a well-defined archive page: As your posts begin to get older and older it is practically impossible to find them unless you carry out physical searches or unless traffic comes directly from search engines. The best way to link very old posts without any sort of manipulation is by creating archive pages. WordPress lets you easily create archive pages and every standard theme comes with this facility. You can create monthly archives, yearly archives or category-wise. And it’s not just sufficient to create archive pages, you must also link to them through your sidebar or the top bar, or at least in the footer.
  • Link from your high-ranking posts: Do this with discretion because your page rank is distributed among the links present on a particular page, according to this blog post on Digital Inspiration. So do it when you’re totally sure that it is not going to affect the rankings of your high-ranking blog posts.
  • Link to your existing posts from sidebar or footer: A standard blogging platform continuously shifts blog posts downwards in the sidebar under the “Recent Posts” section. But if you think that an older blog post is so important that it should continuously show up inside your sidebar, physically put it there.