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How to improve your keyword research with the help of Google Trends

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Efficient keyword targeting is one of the most vital parts of creating optimized content. If you don’t focus on the right keywords, the right audience never gets to your website or blog as far as search engines are concerned and this can really make a dent in your revenue. So if most of your traffic comes from search engines then you need to be very careful while you are researching for keywords.

Although there are numerous keyword research tools available on the Internet, this blog post on Business 2 Community suggests you can also use Google Trends to find the keywords that can drive targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Have you ever used Google Trends?

Of course it is a publicly available service provided by Google and it tells you how often a particular search term is used and then it is also compared with the overall search-volume across various regions of the world. So suppose you want to know what are trends for searching for the key phrase “how-to articles” (sadly there isn’t much data on this particular search term) you can find it out on Google Trends. It will tell you how many searches have been carried out using a particular search expression, in which regions of the world it is searched for the most, and so on.

So how does Google Trends help you in your keyword research, and why use it?

You should use it because first of all, it is free as well as efficient, and second, you don’t need to register yourself to any particular service in order to use this tool.

Although it won’t necessarily tell you which keywords to use for your business, if you have multiple keywords to compare, it will definitely tell you which keywords people are using these days.

Since by profession I am a content writer, I will explain this with my own example. I want to know what search terms people use in order to find a business like mine and my options can be “content writer”, “online copywriter”, and “website writer”.

Go to Google Trends and enter these terms separated by commas, and search for them. The graphic presented below will tell you that these days people search for “content writer” the most. “Website writer” used to be a hotter term around 2005, but gradually it started coming down and “content writer” began rising up. So I should focus more on optimizing my website for “content writer”. “Online copywriter”, as you can see, is an favorite among people looking for a professional content writer.

Since basically it throws light on search trends, it can give you a fair idea of with what intensity people are using the keywords and search terms you are planning to use in your marketing campaign.

Just as it tells you which keywords are being used the most, it can also tell you which keywords are being used the least and if you want to compete against the least competitive keywords, you can make use of this tool even then.