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How to improve SEO by improving conversion

SEO is no longer about keywords and back links. It’s more about conversion. Content that converts automatically fares well on search engine result pages. It doesn’t mean that keywords don’t matter, they still do, but they can cause you a problem if you’re focusing too much on them.

This article says that even if you get top rankings, if those rankings don’t get you business, they are of no use. Logically, this has always made sense, it’s just now that search engines are aiming to achieve this programmatically, algorithmically. The website content that is intended to increase conversion rate will get higher rankings.

The problem with contemporary SEO is it focuses too much on manipulating rankings. There is a reason why scores of maths PhDs at Google are constantly trying to devise ways to beat such SEO practices and to provide only the best results to their users. Consequently, many SEO and Internet marketing experts suggest that rather than worrying too much about rankings, worry about making your visitors happy. If your website is able to make your visitors happy, it will also make the search engines happy.

You can also create parity between your search engine traffic and conversion rate by doing proper keyword research. Don’t just assume what keywords your target visitors use, use the right tools to find that out. Once you know what search terms and keywords are being used in order to find what you offer, create content around those search terms and keywords. Again, don’t focus on creating unnecessary content. Just have what is needed and use the right language to express it.

And what about the back links?

Just like the way it was intended, the back links are to be earned rather than gotten. Create great, high-quality content and you will automatically get back links because then people would like to link back to you and refer to your content.

Again and again, it comes back to creating content with higher conversion rate. Conversion rate is something you cannot manipulate because it depends on the reaction of others. People will do business with you first because they are impressed by your content, and second by what others have to say about your product or service.