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How to improve your Twitter presence in 7 days

Create twitter presence in 7 days

Having a clear-cut Twitter business strategy will pay you both in the long term as well as short term, depending upon what approach you follow. But just like any other platform, first of all you have to create a presence. Presence on Twitter means, people should have a fair idea of what is your business, what is your level of interaction, normally what sort of content you post, how many followers you have, how many you follow, and what is the engagement level.

Engagement on Twitter, again, depends on how you can reach out to your followers. This is a process that may take long and in the beginning may sound quite daunting. Whenever things seem difficult, the best thing to do is, assign different tasks to different days and then focus on just those particular tasks, without bothering about other things. This blog post on Business 2 Community suggests a 7-day approach. Each day is assigned a different Twitter-related task and when you are performing these tasks, just focus on these. These tasks are:

  1. Curate useful content on the first day: People check their Twitter timelines to come across interesting and useful content. Give it to them. This will not only be helpful to them, it will also save them a ton of time. Of course your followers are also looking for meaningful interactions, but when you are just establishing your presence it is better to post highly useful content on an ongoing basis so that people know what you are interested in.
  2. Find industry-specific contacts on Twitter and elsewhere on the second day: Just as you need followers, you also need to follow people who are the industry leaders in your realm. This will help you network and it will also help you find relevant content on Twitter itself. When you start regularly interacting with these influential people, whenever they forward your update or endorse your content, you will get highly valuable exposure.
  3. Start scheduling your tweets on the third day: There is no use posting valuable content if there is nobody to see it. But the problem is, you may not be active or available when your followers are. The best thing to do is, start scheduling your tweets so that they are automatically posted at an appropriate time. Social media applications like Hootsuite and Buffer can automatically decide when to broadcast your scheduled tweets.
  4. Look for Twitter chats on the fourth day: Twitter is a highly interactive medium but there can be no useful one-way communication. Organizations, businesses and individuals hold routine Twitter chats that talk about a specific topic. Basically, they decide upon a hash tag and then they tag every update with that particular hash tag.
  5. Experiment with different media on the fifth day: Along with text updates, you can also post images and videos on Twitter. Audiovisual updates elicit more response compared to text, although this may be truer for Facebook rather than Twitter that is a conversation-intensive medium.
  6. Prepare a list of relevant hash tags for your business on the sixth day: Hash tags are so important that Google Plus had this feature by default when it was launched, and after much pondering, Facebook just now launched the hash tag feature to encourage conversations and debates on its platform.
  7. Publish a newspaper using paper.li on the seventh day: Although God took rest on the seventh day, you can spend it on creating a customized newspaper using paper.li. You can use various social media services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, various news publications and RSS feeds to extract content and publish it on your own newspaper. This is not a very good way to create highly relevant and concentrated content, whenever you publish tweets from Twitter users they are sent a notification that you have included that update in your newspaper, getting you more subscribers in the process.

So by the seventh day, even if you don’t have a formidable presence on Twitter you will have a fair idea of how to organize your activities in a meaningful manner. In no way these seven days are sufficient, it is just a metaphor to drive a point that every task is important and particular days or time frames must be assigned to them, and one task shouldn’t be focused upon at the expense of another.