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How to increase your Facebook fan page engagement

There is a reason why you create a Facebook fan page for your business, organization, consulting business or for yourself: you want to engage your followers and friends. If you’re simply posting the regular, non-interesting messages and links on your Facebook fan page, and if nobody responds, you aren’t solving any purpose.

Beyond doubt Facebook is a force to reckon with when it comes to generating targeted traffic to your website or blog. And sometimes people don’t even need to generate target for a parent website, they run their entire affair via their Facebook fan page, for instance, there are some celebrities that sell their branded products straight from their Facebook fan pages. According to this AdAge article the magazine Cosmopolitan got more traffic from Facebook compared to Google.com in a particular span of time. Although the degree of attention that you get from your Facebook fan page depends on your business and your target audience, if you have a page over there, the fundamental purpose of that page is to engage your audience.

What exactly is engagement?

When you “engage” your friends and followers, you interact with them rather than simply talk to them. When you engage, you don’t simply use the platform to disseminate news updates and product releases. You post messages that encourage your friends and followers to respond. You ask for their opinions. You talk about stuff that interests them rather than perpetually talking about your company and your brand and how great your products are. You offer them useful information. When they have a problem with your product or service, you immediately offer help or assistance. The moot point is, your friends and followers on Facebook should feel like talking to a person rather than an indifferent entity. They should look forward to your updates and interacting with you.

This blog post on Social Media Examiner explores 5 ways you can increase engagement on your Facebook fan page, viz.:

  • Post content that really interests your audience: Your friends and followers on Facebook can’t always be interested in knowing about your products and services. Additionally, you cannot maintain a positive buzz simply by always being excited about your offers. Of course you have to use your fan page as a platform to disseminate information about your business, but in order to keep them interested in you, you should also occasionally talk about day-to-day stuff that concerns them, for instance how they can save money or how they can perform certain tasks in a better manner by adopting particular habits, etc.
  • Post content that is relevant and topical: Is there a cyclone hitting somewhere? Is it too much cold or too hot where your customers, clients and friends live? Talk about the weather and share with them your own experience. Is there a football match going on? You can talk about your favorite games, your favorite players.
  • Encourage people to share your content: Sometimes when you need something, all you have to do is ask people. If so if you want your friends and followers to spread your message around, give them tools and buttons to share your content without much hassle.

Read the remaining points on how to increase your Facebook fan page engagement, and much more, in this blog post.