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How to increase Google trust in your website

In order to increase your search engine rankings to a decent level you need to increase Google trust in your website.

What’s Google trust?

The more Google trusts your website the more easily it ranks it higher. Google trusting your website doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to enjoy the first spot on search engine result pages but it can go a long way towards boosting your search engine rankings. It basically means conveying to Google algorithms that your website is best suited to be ranked higher for particular keywords and key phrases.

So how do you make Google trust your website more?

Google likes your website for the following factors:

  • The quality of your content
  • The quality of websites linking to your website
  • The quality of websites you are linking to
  • The overall usability experience on your website
  • The validity of information about you and your website

Once you have taken care of all the above five mentioned points it becomes easier for Google to trust your website for carrying legitimate information because ultimately that’s what Google wants to present to its users.

Continuously add quality content to your website

There are two things Google likes about content on your website: the quantity and the quality. You should frequently publish new and updated content on your website and you should also maintain a standard of quality. Frequency matters because the more you publish the more search engine crawlers visit your website and index new pages. Once a frequency has been established it becomes easier to get your new pages indexed and included in the search engine results.

Avoid participating in link exchanging and link farming programs

You need quality websites linking back to your website in order to make Google trust your website. Incoming links or inbound links is a human validation Google uses in order to rank your website. When more and more valid websites link to your website it tells Google that your website contains quality information and it is so valuable that other website owners want to link to it and recommend it to their own users. So if they are recommending it to their own users it means Google must also recommend it to its own users.

On the other hand if it’s only the link farms that are linking to your website they have no value because they are going to link to any website irrespective of its quality. They may charge you or they may not charge but they are surely not linking to you for the value you provide. Hence they don’t contribute towards increasing Google trust in your website and on the contrary they may also end up getting your website penalised.

Make it easier for people to use your website and access your content

Your website must be as human friendly as possible because this is how Google gauges the quality of your website. How easy is it for people to use it? Is it full of advertisements and pop-ups? Have you stuffed it with JavaScript code and other bells and whistles? The fundamental strength of your website should be the content and ease of use and you should get rid of everything else that is just there to create obstructions and hassles (no matter how cool they look).

Present on your website information about you and your business

Most spammers avoid publishing information about themselves and their businesses on their websites and this works to their disadvantage. You must have valid contact information about yourself and your business, for instance you should have an “about us” page, a “contact” page and even our services page.

Before starting your SEO strategy you must take care of the things mentioned above because they will considerably speed up your entire search engine optimisation process.