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How to increase or improve your concentration

Improve concentration

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If you can increase or improve your concentration you can achieve a lot more in less time. Your ability to concentrate helps you in your professional as well as personal life as you can focus better and put your physical and mental abilities to better use.

But some people have problem with concentration. There seem to be a thousand things in their minds competing for attention. Whether they are trying to study or work on a professional assignment (or trying to make love, for that matter) they easily get distracted and stunt their performance. Mentioned below are a few things you can do to improve or increase your concentration.

Divide your work into smaller tasks

If you cannot concentrate for long then divide your work into smaller chunks. It’s easier to focus for smaller spans of time. Suppose originally you require n units of time to complete a task. You can divide it by 5 and work for just n/5 units of time on each part. If you are comfortable with 5 you can divide by 4 for the next task. It’s up to you whether you want to increase the time you want to go on working. It’s alright if you comfortable working on smaller slots.

Do meditation everyday

Meditation helps you focus on a central thought or a particular object. Initially, meditate for just 5 minutes or even less. Sit in a darker room and light a candle. Place the candle on the floor of you can sit on the floor or on a table if you want to sit on a chair. Focus on the candle and think about the candle and nothing else. You can try out different methods of meditation.

Improve concentration by removing distractions

Do you often work at a place buzzing with all sorts of activities? That’s very distracting. Choose a quieter place for your work and study. If you use a laptop or a computer then don’t check emails, chat messages and Facebook or Twitter status again and again. If these activities are necessary then allocate some time to then but don’t do this while you are trying to focus. Don’t aimlessly visit blogs and websites.

Let people know you need to concentrate

Lots of distraction can originate from people who are around you or who know you and this is a serious problem for those who work from home. Let everybody know you’re having concentration problem so you shouldn’t be disturbed. Unhook or switch off your phone; let people know when’s the right time to call you. If you have kids in the house, teach them to stay away while you are working.

Have a separate work area

If you work from home, if possible, work in a separate room and this will definitely increase or improve your concentration. In case having a separate room is not possible, at least allocate some space to yourself so that people know not to encroach that space.

Learn to love your work

You can often concentrate better when you like something. Make a list of facts that help you like what you are doing, and then focus on them while working or studying. Are you going to earn more money for your family? Are you going to improve your grades? Are you going to improve the lot of your community? Are you going to get very popular among your friends? There can be many things you can love about your work.

Concluding thoughts on how to increase or improve your concentration

Basically, it’s all about practice. The more you practice, the better you can concentrate. This also involves recognizing the problem and deciding to tackle it. Make a note of your progress everyday and don’t rush — this can be frustrating. Even if your progress is by a few minutes everyday, it’s a great thing.