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How to increase the range of your Wi-Fi router for strong signal

Increase Wi-Fi router range

Would you like to increase the range of your Wi-Fi router for a strong signal even when you’re far away from it?

Having a Wi-Fi router can be a great advantage because you don’t have to use a network cable in order to use the Internet. Within your boundary, and sometimes even beyond the boundary, you can surf the web without getting entangled in the cable. Another benefit of using a Wi-Fi router is that multiple devices that need to log onto the Internet can do so by sharing your Wi-Fi connection. The same connection can be used on laptop, computer, your smartphones and tablets.

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Since aside from your computer and laptop, all these devices don’t accommodate a network cable, it makes sense to have a Wi-Fi router setup inside your home. The slight problem might be the range of your router. You may not enjoy a strong signal from every part of your house. Suppose the router is installed in your study and you want to browse the net from your iPad when working in your kitchen that might be on the other side of your house. You will either have to spend extra money on your 3G connection, or you will have to postpone surfing the web for the time being. Or, you can increase the range of your Wi-Fi router so that its signal can reach every corner of your house, for seamless surfing.

Here are a few things you can do for immediate benefit:

Clear the area around your Wi-Fi router

Is there lots of stuff around your router? This may be hampering its signals. Remember that there might be lots of things obstructing the signals of your router. Keeping the area clean can increase the strength of your signals.

If possible, move your Wi-Fi router to an open area

If you have multiple sockets installed in your house, maybe you can move your Wi-Fi router to a central location that is equidistant from other parts of your house. If you don’t have multiple sockets, you can call up the company that installed your router and ask them to shift the connection to a central part that is open from all directions. This way you will get a strong signal and experience an increased range.

Place an aluminium foil or a soda can behind the antenna of your Wi-Fi router

Your Wi-Fi router sends signals in all directions and these signals are also being wasted in directions where the signal is not required. The video given below explains to you how you can make your signal strong and increase the range of your Wi-Fi router by placing a strategically shaped aluminium foil or a cut soda can behind it.