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How to increase your traffic and improve SEO with social sharing

You can increase your website traffic and also improve SEO with social sharing, says Neil Patel in his latest blog post. Wondering what is social sharing?

Practically everybody who is on the Internet is on social networking and social media websites these days from CEOs to school going kids (yes, even kids less than 13-year-olds managed to open Facebook accounts) and more and more content is being shared via various social media profiles.

If you know that people prefer to share useful links and information via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr (just to name a few) why not make it easier for them to share your links via their accounts?

Even major search engines like Google have begun to include social media postings in their search engine results. That is why it is often advised that you post repeated content on Google because content that gains traction on Google also benefits on search engine result pages. Major search engines are also drawing content from Facebook and Twitter. Blogs have already been a hit among search engines and online publishers.

The blog posts title “10 ways to get more traffic, attention and higher rankings through social sharing” lists the following ways to encourage social sharing of your content:

  • Providing buttons and other interface elements to make it easier to share your content on social media websites (providing Facebook and Twitter buttons right on your website or under every blog post)
  • Straightway requesting your readers to share your content on their social media profiles
  • Regularly communicating with social media influencers
  • and a couple of “sponsored” methods

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