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How to increase your website traffic with Twitter

Twitter is a great social networking tool and you can also use it to increase website traffic to your website. Of course for this you have to establish an impressive presence on the social networking website but along with that it also depends on how you portray yourself and leverage all the features and attributes of the website. Given below are a few things you can do:

Create a uniquely defined profile page

Your profile page on Twitter would be something like http://twitter.com/yourtwitterhandle. Using your settings first of all you can create a custom background for your Twitter profile page and you can use this background as a branding tool. There are many services available on the Internet that charge you a fee and create a custom profile page but even if you create a simple image file (that can cover the entire screen in the background) with your logo or website header it will be sufficient. Along with that, whatever is your Twitter handle, use a proper name whether it is your business name or your personal name.

In the bio section properly define what you do and don’t try to be esoteric. Most people try to be funny, mysterious or even purposely weird on their profile. Avoid that. Use this section to properly explain what you do, what your business is about and what motivates you to serve people. Also put your website URL in this section.

Be as useful as you can be

Unless you are interesting and useful nobody is going to follow you or pay attention to what you say. You won’t be able to increase your website traffic through Twitter if people don’t pay attention to your tweets. And you don’t always have to tweet about your business and your website. When you come across something interesting, something useful and something newsworthy on the Internet post it and share it with your followers. This way people will retweet your updates and this will further get you more attention.

Engage influencers on Twitter

Influencers are people with thousands of followers and whose every second tweet gets hundreds of retweets. These people don’t follow others easily (some of them do, but most of them don’t because this may crowd their timelines) so it may take some time before they start following you and paying attention to your individual tweets. But somewhere you’ll have to start. Start responding to their tweets. If they ask some question or need some information try to provide it before anybody else does. Remember that you’re not sucking up to these people; they did the same things before becoming known.

Use hash tags to get further exposure

Many people use hash tags on Twitter to follow threads of interest. They might not be following you but the might be following the hash tag you have associated your update with. When you do that your update appears on their timeline and this way you can get more exposure for your updates. So participating in discussions with trending hash tags certainly gets you more traffic.

Use the Twitter button on your own website or blog

In order to get more traffic from Twitter you need more followers. This means using every possible opportunity available to you to increase the number of followers and one thing that is totally under your control is your website. Make it easier for people to follow you by putting a Twitter button on your website or your blog.

Promote your Twitter handle

Put your Twitter handle on your author profile whenever you are submitting articles and blog posts at other places. Also publish your Twitter handle on your visiting card as well as letterheads and other stationery. If you advertise in newspapers, magazines and television prominently display your Twitter handle so that more and more people can follow you.

These are a few ways you can increase your website traffic via Twitter. Like any other platform, in order to get genuine visibility you have to create a vibrant presence where people actually pay attention to your updates.