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How to install Android apps that are not on Google Apps or Google Play

Although you may find Android apps for practically every need of yours, there might be some instances when the app that you want to use hasn’t been added to Google Apps. Right now Google Play allows you to install apps very easily – all you have to do is search for the app and click the “Install” icon. The second option is simply going to https://play.google.com and installing the app of your choice from there.

Third-party android apps

But what if the app does not exist on Google Apps? Sometimes it is one of those latest releases that hasn’t yet appeared in the Google Play, and may be due to some other reason, Google has rejected the app despite the fact that it is a highly useful piece of software. In such a case you need to download an APK file – this extension is for Android application installation files. But before you can download and install this file, you need to change settings in your phone or tablet so that it allows you to install applications that don’t belong to Google Play.

For that, go to your home screen, and from there, go to “Settings”. In order to go to settings you can also look for a gear icon either somewhere on your home screen, in the quick launch section, or somewhere where all your application icons can be found.

Then go to “Security” and under the “Device Administration” section you will find these checkboxes:

You need to check the “Unknown sources” checkbox to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play store. It is also prudent to check, if it is unchecked, the box in front of “Verify apps” so that your device blocks or warns before installing apps that may cause harm.

Once these settings are modified, you can straightaway download the APK file onto your Android phone or tablet by visiting the link through your browser. Once the file is downloaded, you can normally find it in the “Downloads” folder that, if you haven’t changed your system settings, should be on your device drive. Once you have found the downloaded installation file, simply tap it and it starts installing.

In case you don’t know or don’t feel like downloading the APK file directly to your device, you can first download it on your computer and from there you can move the file to your Android phone or tablet. In order to move the file to your device from computer, you can hook it up with a USB cable. If you don’t want to go to all that trouble, you can install AirDroid (which is available on Google Play) which allows you to move files between your PC and your device without a USB cable connection.