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How to invade someone’s privacy

Invading privacy

Invading someone’s privacy can be illegal sometimes but this blog post, as also mentioned in the original blog post, is intended to make you aware of how people may get access to your private information and cause you trouble later on.

With more and more information being digitally stored invading someone’s privacy is not as difficult as it used to be a few years ago. You no longer have to break into someone’s house, sift through his or her mail or dirty your hands in his or her garbage; you can simply gain access to his or her digital information.

The first target can be Facebook. People dump all sorts of information on Facebook paying scant regard to whether they should do it or not. They upload private photographs, they share images they shouldn’t be sharing with their colleagues and prospective bosses and they express political opinions they should better keep to themselves. This sort of information is not accessible to you unless they have added you to their friends list.

In order to become someone’s friend on Facebook so that you can invade his or her privacy, you will need to create a phoney profile that looks very realistic. According to the preferences and proclivities of your target, you will need to decide whether you want to create a male profile or a female profile. Make your profile as real as possible. Choose a pleasant-looking photograph. Add some more photographs just to pretend that you live a socially active life – manipulate the photographs in such a manner that you are in those photographs. Using some image editing tool, you can easily do that.

Before sending a friend request, it is better to send requests to his or her other friends so that if they add you, he or she will be more prone to accepting your request.

Another method borders on more illegal stuff. It involves accessing his or her smart phone without his or her permission. If the phone requires a pin, hold the phone under bright light, and according to the blog post mentioned above, the numbers that are pressed to enter the pin will have more fingerprint smudges on them.

Anyway, if you are really hellbent upon invading someone’s privacy, there are hundreds of ways you can do it and the Internet is full of tips and tricks. But do keep in mind that most of these activities are illegal and they should be read just to make sure that someone else doesn’t invade your privacy.