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The latest Siri comes with suicide prevention help

Siri suicide help

There have been many updates in the latest version of Siri – the voice assistance that comes with iOS6 and iOS7 – but the most talked about feature these days is its ability to interact with potential suicide victims. This is a great way of getting someone who is emotionally driven to commit suicide. Previous versions would respond in a unclear manner is someone verbally expressed that he or she were going to kill himself or herself. A recent study in New York Times has reported that more Americans are killing themselves than dying in car accidents. Reported cases of suicide around the world are about 1 million and among these 40,000 suicides happen in America.

So if you tell Siri that you’re going to kill yourself, or you are going to commit suicide, it immediately offers to call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The previous version of Siri would simply list the locations of various suicide prevention centers without offering to call them. You just have to tap the “Yes” icon in order to make a call. If you tap “No” it searches local suicide prevention centers and offers you a list and directions.

Interestingly, according to this article in the New York Times, suicide queries on Google brings up suicide prevention hotlines.

This can actually make the difference of life and death.