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How to get more Likes for your Facebook business page

The basic idea behind encouraging more people to like your Facebook business page is that more and more people can see your updates. It is like subscribing to your feeds. Just like for your email marketing campaign it is important for many people have subscribed by email, in order to reach out to a wider Facebook audience, you need to get more and more people to Like your business page.

Getting Facebook likes

Should you buy “Likes”?

There are many the so-called “social media marketing” companies these days that sell you Facebook likes. If you are merely interested in numbers, then it may give you an ego boost, but in reality it still remains to be seen how effective buying “likes” for your Facebook business page is. It also depends on how the company gets a likes for you. Does it artificially inflate the number, or does it promote your Facebook business page using legitimate methods?

Constant engagement is the real solution

Facebook, being a social networking platform, you constantly need to network with people. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Regularly post quality content: Quality content is not only shared by people who have already liked your page, even Facebook promotes good content by improving its rankings and increasing its visibility. Keep the content relevant to your business directly or indirectly but at the same time also cater to the interests of your core audience. For instance, if you are a sports company, you can discuss the various sporting events happening around. If you sell gadgets, you can often engage your audience were talking about the latest developments and operating systems, and so on.
  • Interact on other Facebook pages: It has been now a long time since Facebook allowed to interact as a page. This is different from your personal account. If you have created multiple business pages and your primary account, you can switch to one of your pages and then start interacting on other pages using that profile. Again, make valuable contributions so that people are attracted to your profile and take interest in what you have to say.
  • Hold small contests: Contests, if carried out just to get likes, are discouraged by Facebook. So don’t ask people to like your page in order to participate in the contests, just make them publicly available so that more and more people can participate, and then if they want, they can also like your page.

Promote your profile link as much as possible

Don’t limit yourself just to Facebook while you are promoting your business page. As you can see on the sidebar of this website, there is a small Facebook window that displays some of the members that have liked the How To Plaza page on Facebook. You can grab a similar snippet and then put it on your own website or blog so that your visitors can see it and like your page straight away from your website or blog.

You can also include your Facebook business page link in your email signature and even on your stationery such as letterheads, flyers and business cards. Many businesses are already promoting their pages in the mainstream advertising campaigns in newspapers, magazines and television.