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How to get a link from the Wall Street Journal

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This blog post on Moz.com is quite old, but as long as back links from other websites matter, such advice remains relevant. What does getting a link from the Wall Street Journal mean? Aside from getting lots of traffic (this is not guaranteed, depends upon whom that particular article targets), the biggest benefit of getting a back link from websites like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times is that it can considerably improve your search engine rankings.

These are highly reputed websites. Being news websites, they are very relevant and their authority level is immense. Just a single link from one of these websites can give a complex to 500 links from other websites that are not as much popular.

The blog post linked above is quite long, and you can read it at your leisure, but in the meantime, there are many things you can do to get links from these high-profile news websites. The best way can be getting featured in one of the subject-specific articles.

Suppose there is an article on Wall Street Journal regarding how well the various how-to websites are doing in terms of providing valuable information to their visitors and earning good revenue. The writer searches for similar websites on Google and social media and somehow comes across How To Plaza and links to it as an example website. This can be a mix of serendipity and strategy. You can achieve this in two ways:

  1. Networking with people working at the publications you want to target, especially writers and journalists who specialize in your subject
  2. Spread your presence on search engines and social media websites so that it becomes easier to stumble upon your website for related searches

The other way would be you becoming an authority yourself to such an extent that news publication websites like the Wall Street Journal let you write for them. You may not be able to link to your own website directly from the article, but you will certainly be able to do that from your author profile.