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How to use LinkedIn groups to build your business

LinkedIn, if you don’t know, is a social networking website primarily catering to professionals and entrepreneurs. It is a great platform to connect with like-minded people and prospective business partners. When it comes to generating leads, according to this blog post on Duct Tape Marketing, nothing compares to the power of LinkedIn. As the website is fast evolving, new features are being added with greater frequency, and one of such features is, LinkedIn Groups.

Groups on LinkedIn are like online forums where people of similar interests come together and exchange ideas and views. They can be based on a topic, a profession, a skill, and geographic location or anything else that can be defined as a common interest. People in these groups are already seeking new business opportunities so they are not averse to business proposals and ideas. If they are not looking for business partners or not seeking work, they better not be in one of these LinkedIn Groups.

Promoting business through LinkedIn Groups

  • In order to interact with the members of a particular group, first of all you need to join that group. The nonpaying LinkedIn members can join up to 50 groups, so choose your topics and interests carefully (although 50 groups in themselves can be lots of work for an individual). Spent some time in different groups and observe the dynamics of interaction taking place there. Based on your profile and updates, LinkedIn also suggests you “Groups you may like”. In most of the cases the suggestions are quite apt.
  • Start connecting with the group members. Gradually you can start interacting with the group members that are active in a particular group. You can add your own posts or you can apply to their posts.
  • Create your own groups. In case you feel that an appropriate group does not exist on LinkedIn that can specifically cater to your interests or business, you can also create your own group. It won’t become active immediately so you will have to seed some interesting content to attract others. You will need to make your content as interesting as possible otherwise people won’t pay any attention.
  • Remain in touch. Constant interaction is the key here, whether it is LinkedIn or any other social networking forum. As suggested by the writer of the above-mentioned blog post, he makes it a point to connect with at least five connections every week.