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How to know if somebody is lying

Knowing if someone is lying

If you want to know if somebody is lying or if you want to catch a liar it is actually not very difficult although a little bit of training and knowledge can obviously help. Lying is basically a fabrication; you are making things up impromptu and if you are not an expert liar and a great storyteller it is an extremely difficult task and consequently it makes things easier for you if you want to know if somebody is lying.

Scientific methods of finding if somebody is lying are a bit complicated and sort of fool proof. For instance scientists know that 3 different parts of our brain are working spontaneously when we are lying. On the other hand when we are not lying we are using intrinsic memory that is already there and hence we are using just one part of the brain. If somebody is lying he or she doesn’t have to come up with just one lie but many lies in order to complete that single lie. Here are a few simple things you can do to know if somebody is lying.

Observe the way the person speaks

If you are familiar with the person you can easily make out that the person who is lying is speaking a bit differently than the way normally he or she speaks. May be instead of “I didn’t do” he or she says “I did not do” or something like that or maybe the sentences are unnaturally long or short. Sometimes individual words are spoken with lots of stress as if he or she has to think a lot before saying those words. You just need to pay a bit more attention and you will be easily able to recognize different speaking patterns that are not natural.

Change the topic suddenly and observe the reaction

Normally you will find the person immediately relaxes the moment you change the topic and start talking about something totally unrelated to the subject that was making that person lie. This will be a welcome reprieve for that person. He or she himself or herself was looking for this type of distraction. Then again come back to the old topic and carefully note his or her reaction. This can give you lots of indications whether that person is lying or not.

Raking up the issue again will also help you detect inconsistencies. If that person (the one allegedly lying) is making up stories it will be very difficult for him or her to be consistent and this is where you can easily catch him or her.

Take note of facial expressions

There are some unnatural facial expressions when a person is lying. Professional persons who find out whether somebody is lying say that the person who is lying does not look directly into your eyes but slightly to the left of your face. There might be some twitching and extra touching of nose, chin or ears. If that person is not used to lying you may also observe that his or her face is flushing and slightly sweating if it is not very cold. With some people when they start lying they feel itchy all over the place and they start scratching.

Is he or she being offensive or defensive

Most of the liars act defensive when confronted because their inherent defence system tells them that they are in danger and they need to protect themselves. Lying puts you at a disadvantage because you’re never sure what you’re going to have to say the next moment. You have to quickly make up things and imagine them fast. You also need to guess all the probabilities and think up of lies accordingly. This alarms your defence system and you want to protect yourself and hence you go defensive.

A person who is not lying on the other hand goes on the offensive because he or she has nothing to hide and he or she does not have to spend energies on making up lies. So he or she can easily use all the energies towards putting the point across.

Observe the body language

The person who is lying sometimes has an awkward body language because, again, all the energies are going into making up the lies and there is no coordination between body and mind. The person grows stiff and fidgety. He or she cannot sit the way he or she normally does. He or she needlessly starts moving around and aimlessly picking things up and putting them down. He or she tries to be natural but there is a strange stiffness in every movement. This is because the person thinks that even the slightest mistake can help you know that he or she is lying.

These are some very fundamental things that you can do to know if somebody is lying. You can also cross question the person to verify facts if you are okay with confronting him or her directly but if you want to keep things secret then just observe the way he or she talks and acts and you can find out plenty of things about the story.