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How to make a good conversation

Making good conversation

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You need to make a good conversation whether you want to talk to a stranger, or your office colleague, or your classmate, or a loved one, if you really want to show you care for that person. The way you converse with people around you shows what you think of them.

Making a good conversation is an art that can be acquired and mastered with practice and persistence. Actually, all you need is, show interest. Remember how you watch your favorite movie or a football match or a hot chic? The subject has got your unmitigated attention. This is how you show interest in a conversation.

Of course a conversation must hold something of interest for you, because you shouldn’t — it shows through — pretend that you are interested in a conversation.

But then again sometimes you need to make good conversation even if you’re not particularly interested in the talk or the person…for instance, the abstract art collection of your boss or that client with a lucrative business proposal. On such instances, this is

How you can make a good conversation

  • Be prepared if you can. If you know before hand what’s going to be the topic of conversation you can prepare yourself. This will make it more interesting for you and you will be able to voice your opinion too. It’s very easy these days to look up information on the Internet on almost every topic under the sun. This will also convey to the person that he or she is talking to the right person and not just someone pretending to make a good conversation.
  • Adopt a relaxed attitude. Most people goof up while trying to make a good conversation by trying to act too smart or knowledgeable. It shows through your body language, facial expressions and the kind of opinions and reactions you articulate. Instead, just relax and take genuine interest in the topic and if you knowledge of the topic is limited, let it know to the other person without feeling awkward — nobody expects you to know everything. You are not there to prove how smart you are, you are there just to make a good conversation.
  • Keep distractions to the minimum. Avoid looking over the shoulder of the person you are having conversation with, or checking your phone messages, or fidgeting. This shows you are interested in everything but the ongoing talk. If you are uncomfortable sitting in a particular position, let it be known and the change the position, or change the place if possible.
  • Conduct introductions if need be. If there are multiple participants and if they don’t know each other then you should introduce everybody. Keep jokes and puns to the minimum if you don’t know the informally.
  • Control your emotions. Conversations can adapt many hues and you should be in command of your emotions. Don’t start a cursing binge or yelling at people around you just because you don’t agree with them. In order to hold a good conversation you must understand that every body’s opinion is to be respected, or at least, to be given a patient hearing.
  • Don’t interrupt. How do you feel when you are cut short just when you are going to say the most important thing of the day? Let the other person complete his or her sentence before jumping forward with your take, otherwise it soon becomes a shouting match.

While trying to make a good conversation keep in mind it’s not a one-up-man-ship affair. Every conversation is just another way of having a good time. Lower your guards and just have a relaxing time without worrying about what the other person thinks of you.