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How to maximize the impact of your Google Plus posts

Google Plus optimization

Google Plus is one of the fastest emerging social networking platforms — It was launched on June 28, 2011, and as of September 2012 it had 400 million registered users and 100 million active users (according to Wikipedia entry). If you notice closely, the quality of interactions on Google Plus is quite different from what happens on Facebook. Perceptually, Google Plus is for technologically comfortable people, Facebook is for everybody. So in essence you can say that Google Plus is more targeted.

Just like on any social networking platform, the quality of content that you post on your Google Plus profile matters to a great extent. It decides how much attention and coverage it is going to enjoy over there.

There are various ways you can maximize the impact of your Google Plus posts; some of them are:

  • Use Google Plus circles to target better: From the beginning Google has understood that segregation helps to target better. When you’re adding new friends or connections add them to the appropriate circle. Circles in Google Plus are basically categories under which you organize your various contacts. For instance, you might have circles titled as “Family”, “Friends”, “Business”, and so on. Although even if you post your messages to all of your circles and still get the same response, you will be able to create better posts if you specifically target on particular circles.
  • Post your content publicly: Almost all social networking website these days, including Google Plus, allow you to decide whether you want your content to be available publicly or not. If it is not something really private that you are posting, make things public so that they are accessible to everybody. Posting publicly also makes your content available to Google search.
  • Engage your connections: If you are simply posting content under your Google Plus profile you aren’t achieving much. There has to be a personal connection. This connection can be made by promoting other posts, and directly responding and engaging in meaningful conversations.
  • Post lots of interesting content: “Interesting” may be different for different people, but post content that you think will either entertain your connections or help them in some way. Keep a balanced proportion. For instance if you are into consulting business then most of your content will revolve around business, but at the same time you can also post amusing videos and exotic pictures to keep your audience on Google Plus stimulated.
  • Use appropriate hash tags: Many Google Plus users use the hash tags to find relevant content on the website. By associating the right hash tags to your posts, you make your posts available to people who might not be following you but are following the hash tags.
  • Make use of trending topics: Trending topics or trending hash tags are a great way to reach out to a wider audience. Just make sure you are not misleading people by needlessly posting content under trending hash tags.

So these are a few ways you can maximize the impact of your Google Plus posts. Are using this social networking platform? What has been your experience? Please share in the comments section.