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How to make Microsoft Office load faster

Microsoft Office is a great office suite but as more and more features are added to it it is becoming bulkier and bulkier. Despite greater processing speeds and better computers sometimes you may find that it does not load as fast as you may like it to load. This may become a problem if you have to load MS office multiple times in a small span of time. A few days ago we described how to load OpenOffice.org faster; in this blog post we are going to explore how to make Microsoft Office load faster.

Programs like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint (taking for example just general office suites applications that you may find yourself using on a daily basis) are massive applications and may require lots of time each time you start them. This mostly happens because whenever you load them all the features associated with them are also loaded. More than 90% of these features you don’t even need on a day-to-day basis so there is no need to load them and if somehow you can deactivate them you can make Microsoft Office load faster. I’m going to explain here how to achieve that.

Tweaking Microsoft Office to make it load faster

Load MS Word, click the big MS Office icon at top left and at the bottom of the menu you will see “Word Options”. Click this.

In the left sidebar you will find “Add-Ins” Click that.


Once you have clicked “Add-Ins” you come across the following window:


I have blurred the options I don’t want to display publicly, but the whole idea is this is the screen where you can deactivate the add-ons that you don’t want to use on a daily basis. If you just have to use them once or maybe twice the month you can easily activate them, use them and then again deactivate them so that you can load MS Office faster on a daily basis.

At the bottom of the screen you can see something like Manage: “COM Add-ins” and then the button “Go…” Click this button.


As you can clearly see using this screen you can deactivate the add-ins that you don’t require.

This is one way of making Microsoft Office load faster. You can also take additional measures to make it load much faster.

Further on the same left-hand sidebar where you had clicked “Add-ins” for the first time you will find “Advanced”. Click that.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and uncheck “Update automatic links at open”.

You can also try changing the settings within your antivirus software

Cleaning up your system to make Microsoft Office load faster

Sometimes things that are not even directly related to Microsoft Office can prevent it from loading faster. For instance you must routinely clean up your system by running the “Disk Defragmenter”. In Windows 7 you can find the Disk Defragmenter by first clicking on Start, then All Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools, and then Disk Defragmenter. It presents you with many options and you can choose the appropriate ones. It is advised that you run the disk defragmenter at least once a month to keep all your hard disc segments in order. If they are in order it will help Microsoft Office load faster.