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How to make money from freelance writing

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You can make a decent amount of money from freelance writing because on the Internet it is mostly about generating textual content and people who can write well are in great demand. You can provide freelance writing services for business websites, for commercial blogs (blogs that publish advertisements in order to generate revenue), community websites, news websites and even newspapers. There are many websites and blogs that pay good money to freelance writers for their writing assignments. Some of the ways you can earn money from freelance writing are mentioned below:

Provide freelance writing services from your own website

This is the best option for making money from freelance writing although it takes lots of effort and time. In order to sell your freelance writing services from your own website you need to build your brand and make your clients trust you. For this you need a presence and networking. People must know that as an individual you provide freelance writing services. You can achieve this by constantly interacting with people on various blogs, online forums, off-line meet ups, Twitter, Facebook and even on your own blog or website. You can also start publishing a regular newsletter so that your visitors can hear from you on an ongoing basis.

In order to provide freelance writing services from your own website you will need a suitable domain name and a decent web design (of course you will also require a web host but that is a given), decently vibrant social media presence and if you can manage, also a blog.

In fact there are numerous professionals who are making great money simply by publishing a blog.

Develop a specialization

Freelance writing providers who develop a specialization are in a better position to charge higher amount compared to those who write on multiple topics. This is because it is very difficult to get people who can write on specialized topics such as technology, science, health, alternative energy and gadgets.

Get published on content websites

There are many websites (there are also content farms but many search engines these days are downgrading their listings) such as HubPages, eHow that share revenue with their writers. You can also write for various blogs that are always looking for talented writers; they either pay you according to the revenue generated by your individual blog posts or they give you a fixed rate.

Provide translation services

With every bit of information under the Sun being digitized there is lots of demand for trained and experienced translators, especially the ones who have a good command over multiple languages. So if you can write well one language and understand another quite well you can also earn lots of money working as a translator. Suppose you write quite well in English and your understanding of French is quite good (even if you cannot write well in French) then you can work as a French-English translator. Or vice versa.

Register at freelance websites

There are some free as well as fee-based websites for freelance writers where you can register yourself and bid on various projects. You can check out

You may also like to take a look at these great but slightly old lists of websites that provide lots of opportunities for freelance writers like you, such as 101 Best websites for the freelance writer and The monster list of freelance job sites (quite old but the listed websites might not be).

Build a presence at social networking websites

A lot depends on your networking skills when it comes to making money from freelance writing on the Internet. Since in most of the cases you cannot personally go meet your prospective clients, it is through your presence they acquaint themselves with you and become comfortable enough to give you professional assignments. This is why it is very important to create a vibrant social networking presence preferably over Twitter and Facebook.

These are a few things you can do to make money from freelance writing. If you have more ideas please share them in the comments section.