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How to make money writing online

Earn money writing online

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You can easily and definitely make money writing online if you write well and if you know the right places to write for. In fact there are numerous opportunities online for newbie as well as experienced writers. Whether you are a journalist or a copywriter or just general writer, as long as you write well and express yourself compellingly, you can earn lots of money writing online.

What are the options available for earning money online?

  • You can have a writing business. Are you good at communicating well through the written word and writing for businesses and organizations? Then you can have lots of writing gigs. For this first of all you need an online presence, for instance, amrithallan.com. Amrit has been providing professional content writing and online copywriting services for more than 7 years now (now it’s 2010 and he started back in 2003). He not only writes himself he also outsources work to different writers. Of course it takes lots of effort and time to setup your own writing business online and you should be prepared for some real hard work.
  • Find work on freelancing websites. You can use freelancing websites like vWorker.com, elance.com and various job boards available all over the Internet. Most often you need to bid for the projects and you may end up working at very low rates due to heavily competitive (and sometimes rediculous) bidding.
  • Write for other blogs and website. There are lots of websites and blogs publishing tons of informative content and they are constantly looking for writers that can write well. This is an easier option if you can research, find information and then write it and customize it for the online audience.

Making money online by writing for other blogs and websites

Below we mention a few websites and blogs that share revenue with their writers and you can earn money by writing for them.

  • HowToPlaza. Well, our own website publishes content on a revenue sharing basis. In fact, although it’s a new website, we’ve already started making some money by constantly writing for it. The revenue is shared on the 60:40 — 60% revenue goes to the writers. Currently you need to have an active AdSense account in order to participate. After signing in your submit your AdSense ID for content and start publishing informative how-to articles (like this one) and 60% of time (whenever people visit your pages) the ads are shown with your ID. So the more you publish, the better are your earnings.
  • Demand Media. They are perhaps, right now, the biggest publishers in this category. Some claim they’re publishing more than 1000 articles everyday. You find their content mostly at eHow.com. Once you have signed up with them you can choose the available topics. Once you submit your topics they are reviewed and once they are accepted you get paid. This has its pros and cons. The pros are that you get paid once no matter how many people visit your pages and click on the ads. The cons are that even if your article becomes a hit and keeps making money for the website, if you get $10 per article, you’ll only get $10 for that article (even if it makes more than $200 or even $1000 for Demand Media).
  • HubPages. At this website you create pages according to your interest, called hub pages. You can create as many pages as you feel like. Again, the ad revenue is shared on 60:40 basis and you can use different advertisement sources such as AdSense, Ebay and affiliate programs. You should have your own Ids with these programs though.
  • Associated Content. One of the oldest content publishers involving revenue sharing model. It was recently bought by Yahoo for around $100 million.

Are you aware of some avenues that writers can use to earn money writing online? Please share them in the comments section.