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Not a morning person? How to get a head start

Not a morning person

Not everybody is a morning person. There are many people who have to drag themselves out of the bed wishing the world would end and they wouldn’t have to get up. On the other hand, there are people who rise and shine brightly, ready to take on the world the moment they are out of their beds.

The problem is, we live in a world that starts working in the morning. Almost every office in the world opens up around 9:30-10 AM. Even if you have your own business, you start getting business calls around this time. You have to send your kids to their schools in the morning. If your spouse leaves for work even then you have to get up to prepare everything. The point is, unless you’re living in utter isolation, you have to wake up with the world.

So what to do if you are not a morning person? A few suggestions are made in this Business Insider article.

Chalk out a plan the previous night

Cluelessness often leads to inaction and disinterest. If you have no particular reason to get up in the morning, you won’t feel like getting up. Has it happened even once that you got up really excited because you were expecting something really marvelous that day? Maybe you had a date with the hottest girl in your school or college, or office. Or maybe Apple was launching a new version of the iPhone and you wanted to be among the first ones to own it. Whatever was the reason, there was some purpose. Create a purpose and you will find yourself more eager to get up in the morning.

Do something good or rejuvenating the first thing in the morning

Play your favorite music. Call up somebody you really like and who is really receptive to your early morning talks. Cuddle with your dog. Develop a playful ritual with your kids or your partner. Have sex if that’s possible. Have a bath. Read something good. The basic idea is, do something that you really enjoy.

Have a full nights sleep

Maybe you are not a morning person simply because you’re not getting enough sleep. If you are going to bed at 1 AM or falling asleep around that time, how can you wake up fresh at 5 AM, or even at 7 AM? When you need to get up early and feel fresh, you have to sleep early. Do you know exactly when you get up fresh. If it’s normally 11 AM try to move your sleep time backwards. If you are going to bed at 1 AM, try to make it 12 AM. Then gradually move towards 11:30 PM, and then 11 PM, and you will notice you are more eager to get up early in the morning when you have had your full share of sleep.

Understand your state of mind

Many people don’t feel like getting up in the morning because they are in a state of depression. In such a state, you prefer to stay in bed unless getting up is unavoidable. If that is the case, you will need to tackle the problem from a different angle.