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How to make your morning less stressful and more productive

Productive morning

For most of the people morning is the most important part of the day because it is the beginning, and as the say, if the beginning is right, half the battle is won. I’m not saying living the rest of the day is the battle, but given the challenges we face and given the goals that we have, yes, a day can be a battle.

Some people find it very hard to get up early in the morning and we have discussed in one of the previous posts how you can deal with that problem.

So if you start the initial part of the day with lots of stress and rush, according to this Pick The Brain blog post, the rest of the day can be painful too. How to avoid that? Here are some suggestions from the article as well as from yours truly

Try to be cheerful consciously

This is, sort of, reverse engineering. When you’re feeling good about yourself, you feel cheerful. So why not feel cheerful to feel good about yourself? You can make provisions, like playing your favorite music when you wake up, having a nice relaxed bath (you may have to get up a bit earlier in order to do this), go for little walk, spend some time frolicking with your pet or do anything that makes you happy and content.

Just jump out of the bed

Snoozing is a bad idea. Unfortunately this feature comes in almost every morning alarm smartphone application these days. What it does is, it postpones your alarm for the next 10 or 15 minutes. But sometimes the opposite happens. Since you know the alarm is again going to ring after 10 minutes, you keep putting it on snooze and end up getting up late. Just jump out of your bed and don’t put much thinking into whether you should get up or not. Don’t worry, within 15 minutes you will feel good.

Use multiple alarms for various morning deadlines

The alarm isn’t just for getting up. You can also set multiple alarms for various task-related deadlines. For instance, by seven o’clock, everybody should be out of the bathroom. Breakfast must be over by 7:30 AM, and so on.

Open your doors and curtains and let the brightness come in

Over thousands of years of evolution nature has trained our bodies to wake up as the day goes brighter. This information is written in our genes, so to speak. When you open your doors and windows and let the sunshine come in, it automatically sends a message to your brain that you should be getting up and getting on with the day.

Have your clocks at prominent locations

The culture of having big clocks hanging on the wall is quickly vanishing as more and more people get used to checking their smart phones when they want to know the time. You subconsciously work faster if you constantly see the time. There should be a clock in the kitchen, if possible, in the bathroom, in the living room and obviously, in the bedroom.

Prepare your breakfast

This exercise may be rejuvenating or tiring, depending upon your circumstances. For instance if it is very hot and humid in your area and there is no A/C installed in your kitchen, cooking breakfast might be a big drag, especially when you have had your morning bath. On the other hand, if the weather is cold and it is pleasant in your kitchen, then go ahead, prepare breakfast for yourself and your family.

Lay down your clothes the night before

Arranging your clothes before going to bed can save you lots of time in the morning especially when you have to shuffle around various tasks. Your body will automatically get used to it. You won’t even have to think in order to find your clothes already prepared.

Prepare a bathroom schedule

If your household has just a single bathroom and there are many members in your family, it will be a great help if everybody knows when they can use the bathroom. Of course sometimes there can be emergencies and you may have to reschedule, but normally you can allocate different time frames to different family members.

Quickly revise the objectives of the day

Why should just companies, businesses and political parties set an agenda for the day? You can also do that as a household. It will instill a sense of direction into the beginning of the day. It won’t take very long. Just get all your family members around a small table and quickly revise what each member intends to do for the rest of the day. You don’t have to follow every bit, but at least stick to the general outline.

The key to creating a successful morning is organization. The more you organize, the better is your morning.